Quick. Easy. Fun Meals.

our range of tools to create school meals!

From Food picks, Sandwich cutters, Lunchboxes and many more!

We offer a full range of lunch boxes and tools for low-cost solution. Experience the wonder of creative ways to make food more fun! It will brighten your child’s day.

Check this great benefits of making easy lunchies more fun!

The great benefits of making lunchies is to have a better control over the ingredients. Knowing exactly what food your child is eating, is to make it yourself!

You are free to choose organic fruits, vegetables and meats. You can indulge in the occasional not-so-healthy treat if you like, but the choice is yours.

Kids get easily bored with the same meal everyday. Therefore, let’s think out of the box and make school lunchies more excited and have guaranteed it will return empty when they get back from school!

Most importantly, have fun making them!

Mini Forks

Food Picks & Mini Forks

They will transform any food into something exciting! Perfect to keep together sandwiches, easy to grab fruits or use them for party food.

Simple & Functional

Yumbox’s illustrated trays guide you

to pack healthy and hassle-free lunches! Good Design Award winning.

Sandwich Cutters

Sandwich Cutters

Create sandwiches more exciting by cutting them

into funny shapes, simple and easy.

the stamp of creativity

Experience a Variety of Meals

Join our Easy Lunchies Facebook closed-group where we share everyday

different lunch box ideas, meals and easy-to-make recipes.

Colorful Balance Meals

An important goal is to balance these types of food in the box: Proteins, Fruits, Vegetables, Grains & Drinks.

Enjoy the beauty of achieving a variery of
flavors, textures and shapes.

Ideal for Special Days

Add something special that will make the person you’re packing the lunchie for smile, or if you’re packing for yourself, put in a favorite treat to make your lunchie extra special.

Enjoy it!

Making decorative lunchies is an enjoyable creative outlet.

It doesnt require a lot of time or specialized skills.
Armed with the right tools and basic techniques
anyone can make beautiful meals!

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