Yumbox is the trend now. Introducing our quick & easy multi-pack lunch boxes with high quality, lightweight and leak proof. Good balance and portion meal control for kids and adults. Pack all your meals on-the-go, school, travel, and work.

There are four sizes of Yumbox the Original and Panino (which are the same size but have different internal compartments), the Mini Snack Box (perfect for recess), and already released, the new Tapas which is for an older child or adult and has interchangeable trays.

Yumbox’s illustrated trays guide you to pack healthy and hassle-free lunches!

Original Yumbox | 2009-2013 ‘Good Design’ Award winning
(Archive 2013, Children Products) by the European Centre

Original Yumbox

6 compartment tray

Tapas Yumbox

4 or 5 compartment tray (interchangeable)

Panino Yumbox

4 compartment tray

Snack Box Yumbox

3 compartment tray

Material: All are food-safe, BPA-Free, Phthalates-free and are CPSIA and FDA compliant.

*Dishwasher safe. Top rack only. We highly recommend hand washing the outer shell and/or removing it before the heat dry cycle. Yumbox has been tested at temperature 65C/149F, 110 min. cycle. Yumbox is made with ABS (exterior box), Tritan (tray), and silicone (seal). Yumbox is designed with rounded edges and smooth surfaces to make hand washing easy.

*No microwave safe. We do not recommend microwaving the inner tray. Yumbox is designed for serving cold or room temperature foods. If foods that require reheating are being packed, we recommend using removable silicone cups.

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